Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa delivery

Christmas brings a lot of images to mind. One that pertains to the building industry is making a fireplace large enough to allow Santa to make his appearance. My kids always wondered how he fit through the flue at the top of the chimney. With the advent of the large flat screen TVs, people are starting to question if they even want the fireplace. A fireplace gets used rarely in South Central Texas, while a pretty large expanse of wall space is needed for today’s TV sets. So the flat panel screen is starting to win out. People debate if a fireplace helps with resale, and I do not really know the answer to that. However, I would think that people in the resale market are looking for the same thing, a place for the media center/flat panel screen. So they may not be as concerned about a fireplace either.

I think the fireplace is a personal decision. If you use one, then the fireplace and TV can both be included with proper space planning. However, if it is just something that is never used, then maybe it is time to just exclude it. Plus, you get a point in the City of Austin’s green building rating spreadsheet if you do not have an interior fireplace.

We had one client decide not to have an interior fireplace, but to include one in the outdoor living space. They felt it would be used more outside so they could expand the time they use the covered porch area into the fall and early spring months.

It comes down to a decision of how you want your house to function. Just do not ask me what to tell the kids when there is no fireplace for Santa.

Have a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas and Holidays.